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Friday, October 15, 2010


REPEATITION. It's not like everyday I'm happy and I never wish pun supaya tak happy.. I hate repeatition. Yes! I really x1000 dont like repeating something. I mean I dont like to listen to it again n again. We've discussed about it. It's very simple to bear in mind. No option at all. Just gimme your ears to listen. As simple as that. It's not an avoidance but its a must for me to do something dat I enjoy in life. I have my own ambition n sure a passion with what I like to do. It's not like there will be no tomorrow kan.... 

EGO. Yeah!!! I admit this one but not in a wrong way. It's depend to what in ur mind. I dun wanna say dat I'm jealous even if I AM jealous. For an example lah... I dunno wat u're thinking about but as long as it makes u happy then its ok for me. I'll sure be happy too. 
PATIENT. I'll do anything whatever makes u happy. But I'm not a good pretender. Even if it takes me hundred years to be patient for you, than I will.

TOLERANT. I always bear in mind dat I will not start anything dat makes u cry, upset or sort of.. If I have to be tolerate to anybody, then I will. As long as youre there and keep smiling.
Its 1.34am ordy n still raining outside. Yeah, I dont feel like wanna crash into my dreamland right now.. i dunno...


JRP aka. JR

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