cover pic

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Take a close look at this pic. Take ur time.
What do you see? Think a while.
As for me, I'm so into it.
For the light2 think, may say "Wah.. so nice!!"
And some may say, "This is a damn superb pic. I like it. Very."
And some maybe say, "Heaven. The place I adore so much."
And so on. And for me, it show me about life.
No matter how this pic may bring you into many thought,
it tells me about PEACEFUL.
When I'm down. I need a time to think.
And I asked for time to get up.
I always take a flash look to a pics like dis one.
It heals me most of the time.
And it NEVER fail to makes me happy for a while.
But its worth it to try sometimes.

Same goes to this one. It tells me what've I gone though this life before.
What did I achieved? Did I happy with my life? What's happy anyway?
You may think dat it make no sense right?
Why such a pics like this connected with ur life circle.
But for me, yes. It does. Life is full with suprises. See the colors?
No matter what color you want to paint your life with.
There's a time you get the color you didn't really like.
U maybe didn't like it, but other people maybe say it's perfect.
And so with the other way around. You have to accept it no matter what.
You can blend the color dat u DIDN'T like into A BIT DIDN'T like.
Remember, A BIT is better then nothing at all.
So, be happy for it.

And for what life may bring you with any color, just be thankful for it.
You shud be happy for what u have.
Take life as a challenge. Accept everything that come n go.
For you to be happy, when one day...

You've seen all the colors in life dat other people didn't.
Life is good. Just take it as a gift.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR