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Saturday, June 5, 2010


               So, here's a new story to share with u guys. I mean to bla3ing with. Hahaha... Not really a good story but yeah, it might be good to read it while ure boring! Its started with a boring day.Yesterday I mean. As usual. Gone for work. Not really working dat day. Not as busy as I always used to. I did sms-ing to all my most beloved persons but I dont think they'll give me a respond as my sms are not really send! Its just being saved to the Draft folder. Holy crap! My fon not really tingtong oso bcoz there's still a lot of credits. So, I'm really3 tuuuuut dat day waiting for a reply. Then, I started to think like, they might be busy or something. Bla3..... But really not happy with it. 

             That's what happened in the mornin'. So this is what happened in the evening. I dun really havin' my lunch that day. Until its time for me to go home. My boss gimme a ride to the bus station as it is pretty far enough from my working place. Plus, we hit the same road. I took my 2nd bus and reached home a bit late. Not really that late. You know what I mean. Yeah, the one that makes ur coach spread his air liur to your face aka membebel. Then I play a football. Yeah, I was playing a football. My body was there but my mind was empty. Dunno why. Suddenly I feel like I'm missing peoples. So, I made my mind to go out from the field. Coz I dun seem to funtion wel there. hahaha... Sitting outside. Grab the phone and put it back. Again, again and again. Trying to make sure if there's an sms. Too bad, None. 
But, I've made a new frenz but just thru the fon. Sure a nice person with a sentimental heart. Full with emotional thang. Straight forward yet funny. One of the kind that I like. Hahahaha....

             Finished with the football training. Mcmlah aku concentrate ngan training kan! Guess its not my day. Reached home and still sms-ing. So, i'm off for a bath. Then the fon was ringing and I'm not there. Its was like, Me with my bath, and the fon on my room. 2 different places. Yet pretty far enough to hear the buzzing...  Heh!  I'm really sorry about that. So, I tried to call back. No answer. I mean, the fon was hung-off as soon after I call in. Mrajuk kot?? Call again for many times. Still, same result. Why? Dunno. Then Jr pun tertidoq tanpa sedar diri. Suddenly, JR terbangun mcm zombie. Jam pukul 11.20pm kalo tak silap. Goin' to toilet sambil gosok2 mata.  My head was really empty that time. I just dunno why. 1st thing I do is grabbed the fon. But theres no sms. Got 2 miscalls. Public fon number. Dunno whose number is dat.. Tryin' to go back for sleep. Nope, I just cant coz the eyes wont shut. So here I am. Online.

              I'm online-ing. I found Ash. He's online by dat time. My all time fave bro. A nice man. He's always around while I'm in bad situation. He never disappoint me. Never. And I'm feel so blessed to always have him around. Thanks so much Ash. Millions thanks for ya'. And something caught my attention after that. Been chat with my ex-schoolmate. Its been 5 or 6 years we didn't really meet. So, here we're, having chat thru FB. He's not really the same as before. I mean dia dah besar panjang kan n dah tak mcm dulu. Like he used to be before. 

             So, here's the issue. Should or should not a grown-up adult that try to act like a professional(dunno in what way) kind of person must not have the sense of humor? I dunno, maybe he's the one who been acting weird or ego or something. Its a long story, but yeah I dun think dat I shud telling every single detail about it here. As I  respect other person's privacy. But I'll stick with my point that eventho how hard you try to act like an adults, you should also know how to make a jokes. A simple jokes is an OK. Simple jokes is enough ordy. But, tell me what happen when two old friends just meet up and having a chat? Should you act like you're ordy Super Professional by not taking consider of making this long-lost-friends conversation as a good, quality and really entertainment conversation? Or you're still prefer with you Super Professional act instead of enjoying the chat like the old way. I mean like the way you used to know them before. The one that make us laugh and smile together. So, I wont pretend that I'm really enjoy having a chat with them eventho youve been acting like crap. Yes, you read it right. Seriously, just stop it dude coz u dun really suit with that kinda attitude.

                And I guess, being yourself is much better than youre trying to be what youre not. Changing is a good start for new life, but changing doesnt mean you have to forget the way you used to before. Anyway, its just a simple matters, it wont change anything on me. Coz I will stay the same guy as before. Not a pretender, not a great liar and not an actor. I am what I am and I'm happy for not pretending anything. And remember that making a jokes doesnt means youre acting like childish. Its sometimes give a relief to other. You might not see it but peoples can see it clearly what type of person you might be. So, there you go, u choose your life and I'll respect that as an old-lost-friend. Hugs.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR