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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Feels boring and empty as I woke this morning. Its like I'm lose somethin' but I cant guarantee about it coz dats just my RINDU2-kind of feeling maybe. I woke up 3 times this morning and I've never done such thing before. I woke up and go outside, wondering dis and dat, go survey the kitchen and get back to the room and ZZZZZZZZ summore. Again n again. I dunno but its just dat I dun really have any plan pun for today. In this kepala-hotak is zero other than trying to find out what is the ending to my dream last nite. Yeah. Its been 2 day straight I got a dream. Bukan mimpi basah yer... But still ada jugak ehem2 lah. tapi bila bangun tak basah ok. I dunno whether is a vision for me. Tellin' me dat something good or bad might happen onward. Heh!!! Still enjoying life is the most important!!!

Saturday. I was dreaming about my big bro. I cant recall hows the story started but its end-up like this....
I just got back from KL and arrived KK safety. I got home and unpack the stuffs. And I found abg's handphone in my bag. Heh!!! Pasai apa plak??? With a millions of ??? sign, I end-up the story with pening2 lalat after I woke up... Tryin' to get back 2 sleep again n again just to know the end of the story but its spoiled. I cant really go back into dat dream. And  thats what happened on Saturday!

Sunday. Yeah, dawn this morning. I dreamed the same issue but in different situation. And its my phone dat gone missing. The dream goes like this..
Its happened dat I'm goin' home after a stressful job on dat day. As I climb upstair, counting the stairs one by one. And I fainted there. Heh!!! Tak pernah dalam sejarah cek pengsan!!! Tak kelas sungguh mimpi nie.. cek menchik!!! haha.... Then I woke up naked (dalam mimpi saja noh, bukan betul2) in a room with my EX lying beside me... Heh!!! Watta Fufu!!! Yeah, I'm very shocked!!! But then I feel warm being hugs tight like dat. It reminds me with the OLD-DAYS long time ago!! Aiyoo... I stand up and put my clothes on. AND!!! I found my phone was gone. Phone again??? Then my ex ckap dia xtau... Then I go outside while my Ex pujuk2 me but I dun care pun other than finding my cellphone. The fon got its sentimental value so I cannot accept the lost. Even if my ex dok potpet2 beside me. And my Ex's mate (M) come out all of sudden bringing my fon to me... then M said dat my ex hide it somewhere place.. dunno... and I look deep straight to my ex's face after I grab the fon and then dia gerak menjauhi aku without saying sorry... 

Then I end-up the story after I woke up 5am in the morning. Heh!!! Tryin to get back to sleep as I really want ask my ex WHY.. WHY.. and WHY dia buat camtu.... But I hate to say dat even tryin, still I cannot jump into dat unwelcome dreamland again... FCUK!!!!

I all about our self. No matter what we do, who we love, as long as we stay loving them, then the world will never gonna treat us bad. Leaving doesnt mean we have to forget. Let the memories remain in our heart. As long as you remember then and stick their faces to your mind and heart. I love you all, 4get me for being me coz I'm not dat perfect to stay good. And again, its just a dream. We r the one who draw our own path in life.

Enjoy your Sunday n have a blast.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR