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Monday, March 18, 2019


It’s ok not to be ok.
And only when we allow feelings to live, 
we will then allow them to leave. 
When it’s come to help other people, 
I believe that many times, 
listening with presence and empathy 
can be more influential and life changing 
than talking or giving advice. 
To truly help someone we should 
have more desire to listening to them 
and learning about them more than having
 the desire to say opinion and giving our advice. 
I’m not saying that giving advice is a bad thing,
it’s just it needs the right moments 
and the right timing for that to take place. 
What I mean is, 
an advice is best given when 
the person needed help is asking for it. 
What would that be the best timing, 
because when a person is asking for advices,
 and we give them that empowering - uplifting - brilliant advices, 
that person needed helps would be ready to receive, 
would be ready to have a change of mindset 
and putting that advice into real action to
 changes themselves and their live for better.



its been a hectic years for me 
to not-remembering all my past. 
i am feeling so grateful 
to know that i survived till this far..
but for once in a blue moon,
no matter how hard you try not to fall for someone
no matter how hard you tell yourself not to give up
when the times come, 
it will!
and you cant stop that feelings.
try to accept things as it is
eventho it didn't ended well as we want it to be.
its okay.
just dont be sad.
its just another milestones for you to rise

in life,
the true meaning of happiness
isn't always about how much you get in return
from the person you love/like/crush.
but sometime 
its about how much you willing to give to them.

coz some people, 
they willing to do anything to make themselves happy
even if it mean to impress
but often they dont get as much as they gave in retun
some people didnt know how to appreciate
and they take things for granted

please be calm for a while.
be grateful
always be grateful in every little things u have
thats all you have to do.
you don't have to win all the time

i realized that in order to be happy,
even if we didn't be with the person we like/love

it isn't about how much love we can give to them
its about how well we make them happy

its about how much we accept them in good or bad
its about how well we treated them
and never wanting anything in return

and if happened you've done something wrong
never forget to ask for forgiveness
its doesn't make you less man to say sorry
it takes courage to admit your mistakes
lower down your ego
give them time to reschedule with their life-track
never push them
to see them happy..
its means everything to me :)

i am sorry 
for every single bad things I've done to you
i wont let that happened again
i will be happy to see you happy