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Saturday, March 6, 2010

LIFE OR DEATH for $$$?

               Everything happened as always. Woke up late. But not TOO late I mean.
Sleepy at work. Tertido masa baca buku(Profesional Ethics) masa dalam bas. Ntah sapa baca sapa nie.... Dun have much for breakfast as I dun really like to eat much. Heh! Got a call from MrShinyHead but not from Mr3Z. Busy kot. Aiyoo... Thanks tho for the call tho...  Really appreciate it man.

               So its afternoon already, suddenly an old lookin' guy came to me and asked something like...
"Ko kah JR?" and Yes I replied. 
              So he started to offer an underground-kinda-job to me. And the job is really into my expertice! Then he asked how much my salary here(work place now). Told him all the details. Yes, I'm the lurus kayu kinda person sometimes. No use cheating eh?

              Finally, in the middle of our bla3ing he then offered me with lots of $$$ if I work for him. First, the inner of me was like, WOW, $$$ erk? haha... But my uncle's advise suddenly came across in my mind. My Uncle is a police officer. And they usually call it(job) CID. So, I dun think that I wanna go for that job. 

              I refused and took my step by walking away from that guy with a big smile. Dunno why but I just feel that I'm finally free from something.. But not dunno free from what... Its just the smile came itself....

And my day happened as usual.. 
Busy most of the time.... 
Just wanna share the story tho...

Note : Sorry for the late update. Busy with job and sleepy most of the time. (n_n)y
FYI : This is a late reply and post. Still a good story to share tho..

Much love,
Jerung Rimba Putih