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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Its Saturday. So theres no reason for me to wake up early Driving lesson? Nope! Not until 23rd Nov. But still, terbangun awal pagi bebenor tadi. Heh!! Go to the kitchen n make some nescafe n kuar kat kaki lima. The day still dark to see and its cold out there. Then go back to my room. Sit beside the bed for a couples of hours. Listening to my fav jiwang2 music sebelum matahari naik.

After dat, continue doin' my weekend chores. Basuh pakaian, then sidai.  Cuci kasut! Jog? MALAS!!! Got couples of sms. Yes, of coz imma happy. Thanks for makin' me smiles early dis morning. Aftenun? Dun really doing anything pun other then enjoy playing computer game. Resident Evil 5. Abg bising2 kata jgn layan komputer saja. Yelah boring2, nak jugak pam darah kasi high the adrenalin level. Suspen ada, sakit hati pun ada sbab balik2 mati. But I'm enjoy most of the time. Yelah dari asyik pikir pasal hal2 yg tak best. Baik takyah.  

Sometimes its better for u 2 run then to hide. U ran n they maybe cannot catch u. Dun care lah apa sebab. But if u hide, they wont see you, but how long u gonna stay like dat?  If they dont move? Then u just gonna stay there lah forever??? So I made my decision. Whatever best for them, I will let they enjoy thier life.  Its not mine tho so its up to you then. I never stop wishing for other peoples' happiness.  I never wish something bad for them. 

Same like me, I would rather enjoy being me than skit2 nak sakit hati bagai..  Tau lah panas baran kan.  So I gotta be cool for some reason. Its not like I dun care pun, but still I dun want to do anything dat make other people think dat I'M DISTURBING. coz dats ANNOYING. Sure lah tak pasal aku ngamok bila dengar camtu. Yes. I cannot blame anyone pun if dat happen. I shud think much, I mean I must to think much before sayin' something. 
arghhh.... 4get about dat..

Any last words??
Yeah, I think I shud leaving soon and change something in me. Change for better-ness. Kearah kemantapan camtu. Away from Sabah maybe. Dunno lah. I know dat someday I gotta do this.  But now I think I'm..........



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