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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I feel like stupid when everytime I'm tellin' the truth but they think I'm lying. I dun want them to believe pun.. bcoz i just tell them what they wanna know.. but when they keep on asking, so what do they expect me to say? Say something dat makes them happy?? cheating or make-up some story?? I dunno. Sometime I feel like I shud better keep on silent than telling them what they want to know... And for what i'm doin' and makin' myself looks like stupid just to make some people happy.. I think I shud keep on silent... yeah.. org tak perasan pun akan kewujudan aku... emo lah.. apa lah... tu je yg aku balik2 dengar... sombong lah ape lah... mana2 lah labu... asyik aku saja kena mengalah... penat weii... apapun I just wanna wish everyone happy always jugak... moga sehat2 saja... of coz lah untuk those yg pernah kenal aku.... rasanya aku tetap boleh bahagia jadi stalker je kot.. better than do nothing.. at least i got some effort...

Dun care lah about that.. all I know dat I'll keep my full attention to anybody yg aku kenal, pernah kenal or macam pernah kenal since some of them makes me feel like i'm dead ordy.. yeah.. invisible gitu... but I dun expect them to do the same just like what i do..  like people say, "they deserve best for thier life" - maybe. 

There's no issue sebenarnya.. masalah kecik je.. but please.. I just tell them what they wanna know... as long as it stay at the safe line.. for me.. for you.. for us both.. even for them.. with that I just wanna say sorry to those yg kenal ngan aku, pernah kenal atau baru nak kenal2... 

Special wish for those yg pernah jadi pelita2 hidup aku masa sedih2... I wish u people just doin fine out there.. **of coz they are..  Wtvr.. Its 3.20am and I got driving test tomorow... erk.. I mean today.. this morning.. 

My life this lately?? I rather say, I'M FINE!! (u know how is it feel to be lying.. wtvr..)

much love,