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Sunday, August 22, 2010


For once again, here I am.
Its A-hot-day aka. Ahad aka. Sunday.
Not as hot as its sound likeeee.
Not really a one-fine-day today.
Think like I wanna skip the driving lesson today.
Rain dont really wanna stop.
Doing not much for this week.
Just a couples of big thang and an unnecessary to be story.
So, here's the post aka. life journal number 4.
(Below : Monday till Saturday only)

Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda. Heh!
An urgent letters dat shud be settle.
Bad thing is the letters came late before the due-date. Shait!
So I have to rush for this urgent stupid letters.
I hate RUSHING so much.
My life became chaos for a moments.

It's Sabtu-day. I suppose 2 to go 4 a driving lesson.
But then its cancelled bcoz of some misundestanding between me & my tutor.
Time clash. So, I cannot make it today.
But still, next destination is POST OFFICE.
Drop the letters and go for a books store.
Found this 2 new guitar books.
Then, I'm kinda happy for a moments.
Maybe I look like a pycothic person dat time.
Alone n smiling2 n belek2 this book.
Yeah, happy for what I'm doin' all this time.
And I'm still doing it till now.
Dunno whether I shud stop or x.
Sometimes it really hard 4 me 2 live without all these nice lyrics & bunyi2an.
Got some beat here n there. Some sad tone here n there oso.
Struming the guitar countinously.
 Ahh... can really tell how its feel.

I started to imagine this babe play a song for me.
Maybe some "2 Is Better Than 1" duet with me.

 This one looks nice.
It sound like..
"Go & and have your good time"
"Go n dont stop play"
"Just scream out loud"
haha... done all dat ordy.

Done with dat guitar2 thang.
I just dunno why I really like 2 read this book.
Contains dia tak lah grand2 punya ayat.
But sometime, it thought me so many things.
Teaching me how shud I handle thang.
What method shud I use.
And most important, how shud I act.
Yeah, I never feels boring to read this book.

Other story?
Just missing some peoples.
Hope they're just fine.
Till next time.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR