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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


               At this moment I just dunno wat to say..  how to react or how to handle this whole thang nicely.. I think dat I cant handle myself well.. mentally but not physically. So, I'll just go with the flow. I cant stop thinking.  I miss em' very damn much.. And I dunno wat to do.. but still I cant wait for dat moment. The time dat will surely makes me happy. Yes. Very damn happy.  But now, to be left alone without any news for you is very2 torturing me damn bad. Its like I'm wishing dat I'm dead ordy... fcuk dat. So here I am, as usual.... duh!! Keep on tracking.. being a stalker... just wish that they're here and there a bit.. lazy to sent some inbox when u cant see no reply pun.. its ok.. I can get used to it..

                And now, I really5 wish you're here...  but I hope dat u're happy out there... I know its wrong but I just cant help myself... Its hardly to say dat we're still fine like before... cuz I can't see nice chat between us... hardly to get all the manja2 thang... hardly to get a sms like everyday just like we used to before... erm... anyway.. thanks for the love hun. There's always love for you. Missing u badly.