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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I dunno wat happened this lately. 
The heart is here but its not REALLY here.
Things I've struggle lately is a lil' bit clumsy.
I suppose to follow the routine everyday but then..
I did do couples of jogs, futsal, soccer n metal-lifting.
Lazy is always in the air. Really need a good attitude on this.
Maybe its bcoz of me, missing people around.
They're keep busy with their job. 
Shud not busy about dat n let them do with their thang.
The routine was well scheduled but y I still missed the time.
Punctual. Maybe that what I need. Nah.. forget about dat one.
The jiwang2 aura is in the room now. I mean everyday oso. 
I know its a bit emo. Damn I dun care.
With dat,  just wanna wish you all the best.
May God Bless You Guys Always.

Gone thru this day with a tough QnA.
Skipped my job again today coz head is about to blow just now.
Aiyoo~~~ Monteng2 keje sajork.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR