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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I just cant tell how i feel at this moment.
I wish I could but I shudn't. 
Better be dat way.

I wish to express this untold feelings.
About what I feel right at this moment.
I wish to tell...      I wish to tell...    I wish to tell...
but I shud behave. 
Eyes both heavy but still dun wanna sleep.
Pretend tough.
I'll be fine. Sure will.

Hiding and acting brave.
I cant tell how stupid I am.
But I'll always stay in a humble side.
Coz I did my part.
Without complaint at all.

 So I free this mind. Avoid bad thinking. 
They're fully responsible for what they do.
I dun blaming other. I dont pointing at other.
For now they avoid you, let it be. 
And if I got lucky, they'll forget me.
Smile JR, smile.

 At last with no end.
I'll stay there.
Being me.
No fake smile.
No lie.
No cheat at all.
Even u dunno me anymore.

 Gone with a free heart,