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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ku buka mata dan ku lihat dunia
T'lah ku terima anugerah dunia
Tak pernah aku menyesali yang ku punya
Tapi ku sadari ada lubang dalam hati
Ku cari sesuatu yang mampu mengisi lubang ini
Ku menanti jawaban apa yang dikatakan oleh hati
Apakah itu kamu apakah itu dia
Selama ini ku cari tanpa henti
Apakah itu cinta apakah itu cita
Yang mampu melengkapi lubang didalam hati
Ku mengira hanya dialah obatnya
Tapi ku sadari bukan itu yang kucari
Ku teruskan perjalanan panjang yang begitu melelahkan
Dan ku yakin kau tak ingin aku berhenti
Apakah itu kamu apakah itu dia
Selama ini ku cari tanpa henti
Apakah itu cinta apakah itu cita
Yang akan mengisi lubang dalam hati

The Dyin' Star Gazer,
JRP aka. JR

Monday, September 27, 2010


I dont feel like I'm ok this lately. I need a quality time for myself.
Some peoples dat I knows seem so busy. Of coz they are.
But yeah, I miss em so much. 
But I wont tell them dat coz if they do the same as I do
They'll never forget u. I guess I shud not talk further about this. 
Forget it. Other stories?
Job well done but with a super n a high level of stress-ness around last week coz its Monday ordy now. haha..
Manage to finish em' all AFTER 10pm at night. Damn it.
FCUK i need to find new job.
Going or moving out somewhere else maybe
I guess my time to live alone again shud start before next years.
I'm looking forward to move to KL.
Eventho' parents seem not agree with me..
But if I dont who's gonna do dat? Seriously, I dunno.
I can make a decisions but will I make a right one?
arghhh.. enough with all this thang! 

Saturday midnite. As I lay on the bed, then the You Raised Me Up song is on the air.
Its awful to say that my tears run down my face.
Damn I feel guilty dat time. But after dat I feel so thankful.
Thanks to my mum for raising me up until now.
Without her, I cannot stand this big. Thanks mum.
And this is my 2nd time of being crybaby after Nsi.
And that is after 8 years!! Feel so grateful and thankful.
Coz there's still person around me dat willing to share their love.
Make other happy. Always around n willing to listen to our stories.

Then Sunday is a lazy day. Skipped the prayer. aiyoo.. 
My tutor suddenly called and woke me up for the date. A driving lesson date.
Finish with the driving lesson in a hot day. And directly heading home.
Home. Blackout. Hot day and sweaty.
Damn I slept most of the time and woke up after Joanna Amber is around.
Slapping at my face. Damn. haha...  I knew my sister let Joanna do that.
Go for online until now.
Nah, just surfing for vacancies.
Damn I missed dat steward aka. crew cabin post at MasWings on dat last Saturday.
Damn it. I think the interview will be on 30th September.
How can I miss dat one? FCUK!!

Enough talk. I'm so tired n need to rest coz tough day is around 4 hours ahead starting now.
Good day ahead tho to all.


kekwat-ing? :(

Dyin' Star Gazer,
JRP aka. JR

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ok this time seem like a little bit rushin' coz
There's so many thing dat keep on buzzing my head now.

1st : I just missing peoples around me.
I miss them so damn much.
But I rather keep my mouth shut.
I never miss their blogpost - even once.
I've read em' all. And I know every single stories.
Every single lines. Every single words.
JR tau camna sedih, suka dan duka korang.
2nd : Tak tau lah tapi kan, 
I am so fcuking tired and sleepy this week.
Yes, ure right. Thats not ME kan? Yes. I admit it.
Well, I guess I owe everyone an apologize..
I owez slept early eventho there a lots of job I still didnt finish yet.
Banyak kerja JR yg tertangguh2. 
Memang saja cari nahas tanak siapkan..
Bos marah2.. aku buat de je...
Dunno lah.. mcm aku nak saja berenti keje...
Nak sangat2...
3rd : Rasa sangat2 malas nak pegang handpon skrg.
Mana sibuk and stress nak buat keje.
Handpon dari pagi gi keje simpan dalam beg saja. 
Ntah lah.. bukan nak kata bosan ke apa tapi just nak cari masa tuk diri sendiri saja..
Its fine for you
Tapi JR bersenang hati lah juga kalo korang faham.
Btw, I miss peoples so damn much.
I hope they know that.
And hoping a good day for them everyday.


Dyin' Star Gazer,
JRP aka. JR

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Do you remember the nights we, Stayed up just laughing.
Smiling for hours at anything, Remember the nights we
drove around crazy in love

When the lights go out, We'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world, Likes its all we have
To hold onto and we'll be a dream
Do you remember the nights we, Made our way dreaming
Hoping of being someone big,We were so young then, 
We were to crazy in love
When the lights go out, We'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world, 
Likes its all we have to hold on to
An we'll be a dream
(whoaaa ooooooooh)

When the lights out (When the lights go out)
We'll be safe and sound. (We'll be safe and sound)
Well take control of the world
Like its all we have to hold on to
And we'll be (And we'll be)

And when the light go out. (and when the light go out)
We'll be safe and sound, We'll take control of the world
Like its all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream
The Dreamin',
JRP aka. JR 


The Passionate Lover (December 22 to January 20)
Love to bust. Nice. Intelligent. Sexy. 
Grouchy at times and annoying to some. 
Lazy and love to take it easy.
But when they find a job or something they like to do they put their all into it. 
Proud, understanding and sweet. Irresistible. 
Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. 
Always gets what he or she wants. Cool. 
Loves to win against other signs in sports, especially Gemini's. 
Likes to cook but would rather go out
To eat at good restaurants. Extremely fun. 
Loves to joke. 

Whatever thang it may said, 
Its up to you.
You're the one who create the attitutes.
Just be happy even the sky turned grey.

Much n more love,
JRP aka. JR


Jatuh air mataku
Iringi remuk redam hatiku
Saat ku kehilanganmu
Dan hanya rintik hujan yang menemani aku
 Di saat aku bertahan
Selama ini aku bertahan
Lewati semua dalam dinginnya
Aku pandangi hanyalah langkahmu

Wahai kau air mataku
Hanya engkaulah tepi hidupku
Saat aku kehilangannya,
Saat aku kehilangannya

Tak bisa aku bertahan
Selama ini aku bertahan
Lewati semua dalam dinginnya
Aku pandangi hanyalah langkahmu
Jatuhnya pun masih di pangkuanku
Tak perlu kau berpaling
Wahai kau air mataku
Wahai kau air mataku

Di setiap detak jantungku
Hanya engkau yang menemaniku
Saat aku kehilangannya
Saat aku kehilangannya

Wahai engkau air mataku
Hanya engkaulah tepi hidupku
Saat aku kehilangannya
Saat aku kehilangannya
Jatuh air mataku
Iringi remuk redam hatiku

Download this song HERE. 
  Enjoy the song.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR


The story
Of your life is so twisted
'Cause someone out there is missing
Everything you do

You're wasted
Nothing ever really makes sense
If you keep searching you'll find me
Hidden inside you

Leave behind your troubled eyes
See brand new what I can do
Just say yes if you really want me to

We can stay like this or go, go, go
We can take it too fast or take it slow
We can spend our lives ocean-side
Or count the stars in the desert
On a magic night
You can lie awake in bed
Or come and sleep with me instead
If you give me one chance to take your hand
I'll fill the empty pages as you write
The story of your life

The story
Of your life is unwritten
So put me down as your ticket
Don't even fight it

You're shaking
You're not sure of the ending
But let me be the beginning
Just put it in writing

This is now, no I don't mean maybe
Just wanna scream and call you baby now
Take a chance and call me crazy
Smile kid, there's only one way out

Fill the empty pages
Fill the empty pages

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's feel really good to be back to the track again
After a couple of months I didnt work out
Then now its like.. arghh malasnya!!!
But I made my choice
And I've started for the last 1 weeks
I start to become an athlete again
The competition is just around the corner
A month an a half is not enough for me to training
BUT, I'll always do the best.
Eventho its kinda lazy for me
Yes, very2 da lazy
And still I have to do it
Who dont want a super combo 'winning' in life?
1st, Live the healthy way of life
2nd, you can get a tough yummy body.
3rd, you may win the race
If not, u still not a loser. hahaha...
4th, Less time to be wasting with the video games that makes me skinny.
Yeah, I lose 2kg for the past fasting month. 
And dats is so not ok.

And its about acceptance.
Live the way you want it and be happy for it.
And it all started with a +ve thinking.
So, just go out have fun sometimes.
Todays JRP Quote is : -

"Try to live with life"

Much love,
JRP aka. JR

Monday, September 13, 2010


There's a time in our life where we need nobody and just wanna be alone.
I admit that. It always happens to me. haha...
That's the time where you might ask yourself something like..

"Why am I like this?"
"Why does it happens to me?"
"Why am I born to this world and feel this pain?"
"Why they dont like me?"

And etc etc...
I used to think like that before and I didnt realise that I always have a great life.
Every single minutes in my life is very precious.
I have peoples I love around me.
By the time I feel sad, they'll be always there for me.
When I smiled, they will smile with me.
When I'm down, they will try thier best to lift me up and back to normal again.
They always cheer me up.
And they never fail me.

If you think dat you need time to be alone.
Think again, what might they think if you're sad,
 but they cant do anything to calm you down?
Will you drag them into your endless sorrow kind of thinking?
Every peoples have thier own ego. I can guaranteed dat.
But never ever let it blind your heart.
You got lots of heart around waiting for your smile.
Your smile could make them happy.

For whatever life bring you with every kind of obstacles.
Take it and face it with your smiling heart.
You'll never be there alone.
Share it and if they cannot help, they still reducing you pain.
Coz, they can cheer you up. Keep you away from sadness.
Try to take a risk sometimes. Its better then you do nothing.

~~~  JRP Quotes  ~~~


Make your move now.

Much love,
Jrp aka. JR


Why pathway to Heaven?
What if I say dat Heaven is just around?
Will you go for it?
Or you rather stay and enjoy your life till ur last day come.
And what if you're call for it?
Seriously, I better not talk about this.
But yeah, I think I shud no more escaping from this question.
Some used to asked me like dat & I just stunned by replying,
 " Dunno, no idea. "

I keep on growing up until now.
Then I realized something.
No matter how life treated us.
No matter how bad ur life is.
No matter what you've gone thru.
No matter how this world had serve you with.
Just be thanks for what you have in life.
Our time will come to taste all dat Heavenly feeling.
Just do what you think best for your life while you still can.
And make urself as happy as possible.
So when ur time is around.
You'll satisfied dat you never miss something in life.
Coz, you've tasted it all.

~~~     JRP quote     ~~~


Many hugs,
JRP aka. JR

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Take a close look at this pic. Take ur time.
What do you see? Think a while.
As for me, I'm so into it.
For the light2 think, may say "Wah.. so nice!!"
And some may say, "This is a damn superb pic. I like it. Very."
And some maybe say, "Heaven. The place I adore so much."
And so on. And for me, it show me about life.
No matter how this pic may bring you into many thought,
it tells me about PEACEFUL.
When I'm down. I need a time to think.
And I asked for time to get up.
I always take a flash look to a pics like dis one.
It heals me most of the time.
And it NEVER fail to makes me happy for a while.
But its worth it to try sometimes.

Same goes to this one. It tells me what've I gone though this life before.
What did I achieved? Did I happy with my life? What's happy anyway?
You may think dat it make no sense right?
Why such a pics like this connected with ur life circle.
But for me, yes. It does. Life is full with suprises. See the colors?
No matter what color you want to paint your life with.
There's a time you get the color you didn't really like.
U maybe didn't like it, but other people maybe say it's perfect.
And so with the other way around. You have to accept it no matter what.
You can blend the color dat u DIDN'T like into A BIT DIDN'T like.
Remember, A BIT is better then nothing at all.
So, be happy for it.

And for what life may bring you with any color, just be thankful for it.
You shud be happy for what u have.
Take life as a challenge. Accept everything that come n go.
For you to be happy, when one day...

You've seen all the colors in life dat other people didn't.
Life is good. Just take it as a gift.

Much love,
JRP aka. JR

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So this is the third day of Hari Raya.
Nothing much really happened. As for me lah.
Member2 still called for openhauz at thier but its kinda lazy for me to go out.
Leceh nak berdandan bagai. muahahahaha....
Takda lah dandan2 pun. Just malas nak pegi.
So, I just wasting my time at my backyard. Bertukang sini sana.
Cleaning up all the messy2 thang there.. It takes 2 days for me to completely clear em' all.
And the rest of the time, I just sit and santai2 there...
Bertemankan air bandung ngan kuih muih.
Ada lah diorang hantar kat JR. Dah hantar siap suruh datang umah plak. Aiyooo..
Syang juga makcik2 n akak2 kat JR nie.. hahaha..
Yg selebihnya JR bagi kat family saja.
Kan baik bagi duit raya. Wah... tamak sangat kan!
Missing peoples? Always.

Hope  they had thier good time.

Much Love,
JRP aka. JR

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I refuse to sleep last nite.
Dunno y, mata mengantuk tapi hati kata nak main game Left 4 Dead 2 lah...
Nak turun buat minumanlah, nak masak makan lah, padahal dah 2 kali makan.
Aiyooo... So, JR layan jelah ngan main game.
Had a couples of discussion about my planning to go to KL last nite.
Tak jadi sbab date betul2 clash.. I had my tough time nak settle ngan benda nie.
At last dah decide yg JR teruskan ngan Mount Kinabalu Climbathon tu.
Happy? Yes! But still wishing so bad 2 go 2 KL.

It's Thursday 2day. Suppose kena gi keje.
But then I decide tanak pegi. Malas.
Harini banyak yg dah balik kampung rasanya sbab FB pun dah banyak yg senyap.
It's ok. Hope they're having thier good time masa cuti nie.
Harap2 mana2 yg terpisah jauh tu didekat2kan lah.
But for those yg memang kena beraya kat KL je..
I always there to wish u guys a happy journey of your life.
Every single days of your life. 
No matter how bad life treated you..
Never forget to say Thank You for every single moment you have in this world.
Being sad because of the past n old days is good.
Thats mean u never forget the past.
Coz, itulah benda yg selalu mendewasakan kita.

Pagi tadi buka lagu raya, sedih juga lah dengar lirik dia...

"Jangan sedih pagi ini, tak dapat kita bersama,
Merayakan Aidilfitri yang mulia.
Restu Ayah Bonda kuharap selalu,
Untuk anakmu yang kini jauh"

See? No matter where they might be..
Tak kira kat alam mana sekalipun...
They'll never forget you. Never!
Jadi teruskanlah kehidupan sebaik mungkin...
Bersedih tidak salah, tapi carilah kebaikan dalam setiap perkara yang berlaku..
Percaya ada adanya hikmah tersembunyi disetiap kejadian...
Kisah lama banyak mengajar kita menjadi manusia.
Berkasih2an lah dan tunaikan lah segala kebaikan tanpa batasan.
Dan hadapi dengan senyuman.

~~~~~::::::UCAPAN KHAS:::::~~~~

untuk semua yang mengenali diri ini.

Salam sayang,
JRP aka. JR

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tuesday, 02.11am.
It's 2nd weeks of the month.
Started my Monday with supadupa lazy aka. berat-bijik sangat2..
And as usual, I'm easily to miss at peoples.
Manja sangat kot.. ntah.

It's festive season. The Raya mood is everywhere.
Sayu jadinya kalo dengar lagu2 raya yg sedih2 sedang berkumandang.
Kat shopping centre. Dalam bas pun ada.
Its like everywhere. Takleh lari.
Memang lah layan juga lagu raya.
Skali-skala nyanyi sama.
And dah dua malam mimpi.
Bangun2 trus rasa rindu kat org.
Tapi tak tau sapa sbab dalam mimpi muka org tu tak jelas.
Thats y I hate dreamin' sometimes.
It makes u happy but always left you with tonnes of questions.
All the 5W n 1H kind of questions.

 Tak ramai org sangat arini.
Lengang semacam je area2 tempat JR keje nie.
Banyak yg dah balik kampung since dah banyak yg start cuti.
Boring lah juga since tak tau nak buat apa.
FB? Same. Yg ada kata situ. Org tak habis2 mengutuk Iklan TV3.
Banyak yg nak jadi cerdikpintar bagi komen.
Haram smuanya. Cakap ikut sedap mulut.
Sensitif katanya tapi kaitkan iklan tu ngan agama lain pula.
Itu problem production dan masalah individu.
So, jgnlah suka kait2kan hal tu ngan org, agama or bangsa lain.
Dasar bengap suruh pergi skolah tapi monteng sangat2 kan.
Tu lah masalah org2 golongan cerdikkayu skrg, kat FB semua pintar saja.
Laju saja bagi komen. Tapi tak pikir pakai otak.
Tau lah otak diorang kat kepala lutut.
Still kena guna jugak.
(marah neh wei... hahaha...)
Enough with this stupid thang.

Kali ni happy version plak. :)
1st : Syukurlah takda masalah yg mengangu JR dan org2 sekeliling JR buat masa nie.
Ada, but it's still under control.
2nd : Rindu terubat bila dapat panggilan dari insan yg dirindu. Thanks!
3rd : Somehow, I'm missing the old person I love. Dunno y. Mood Raya kot?
4th : There's lot of questions yg JR disoal.
Example : Raya balik mana? Erk... raya tak balik mana2. Kaat umah saja pun.
JR ada baju raya tak? Nope! I nver have one pun dari kecik lagi.
But I guess some of you know y kan? lol
4get about it.

That's all 4 this update. See u again next week.

Much Love,
JRP aka. JR

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Seems like this week is a heartbreak-ing time .
This is some of the reason how...

I wish I dont have heart so f**king much!
So, I wont know what pain is.
But now I prefer to keep this heart stay.
There's a LOVE in there!

Its really hard for me to get a holiday during weekdays.
I've been so fxxking busy with the job.
Came home late every day.
Kadang tak makan n mandi trus tido.
Subuh baru bangun mandi dan klang klung klang klung (cooking).
And my driving tutor keep asking me about this gambar saiz lesen.
Again again n again.
And I was like aiyooo....
Bila masa aku ada masa nak pergi bergambar???
Then aku nekad. Selongkar tripod kat bawah katil.
Sediakan camera tu.
After dat starting with the gedik2 scene infront the lense..
Snap! Snap! Snap! And Snap again! And again!
So, this is the result.

I got a couple of gedik2 pose dat time.
And I decided to pick this one.
Green background which mean I have to workin' on it again.
Have to change it to blue-ish one!

Ordy changed the background color.
But the hair still in kehijau2an lookin.

So this is the final pic.
Sent it to photo-shop on Friday morning.
And I just asked for my lil' bro help to take the photo.

These are the pics..
They're just small.. n cute...
(the size of the pics not the tuan-tanah)

Comparison between the pic and the keyboard.
Small n cute isnt it?

And today, Saturday morning - 8am sharp.
My tutor fetch me n we've finished our 3rd last of driving sessions.
Best plak blajar mandu2 nie...
Tak perasan mandu2, tup.. tup... dah sampai 2 jam blajar...

On the way home, I  bought this buah-rantai.

And thats all for this week.
Theres been a lots of bad things happened.
But its ok to keep it secret.
Baik takyah cite.
And for those yg disayangi, 667, Ash, G,
and the rest yg tau JR syg korang,
Harap2 bahagia n sehat selalu.
Miss u all but I wont tell.
It's buang-tebiat kata org.

Ok. Thats all 4 this weeks.
Hugs for all. Have a nice weekends!

Many hugs,
JRP aka. JR