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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dear Mum, 

        Thanks for always being there for me. To help me out whenever I'm down. For sacrifice ur entire life, happiness and all ur time only for us. Ure the truest friend I ever have. The sun dat keep us save and warm - away from cold. When trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us, u always stood there to lend ur hand for us. I will bow and ask for forgiveness for all my wrong-doing. Thanks for the entire life warranty of ur love. Even nobody in this world can pay ur salary as a full-time mother since the price of your single sweat is a pure love.

From ur blessed son,

Btw, suke perbualan pagi tadi ngan mak...
                              JR : (baru bangun..) Happy mother's day mak...syg mak.. **muah2.                
Mak : **Senyum lap pipi aje..
JR : Masak apa ni hari??
Mak : Sorry, hari ni ..Off-day.
JR : Erk...


love u mum. like always