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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I dunno but maybe I'm too busy. And this little princess getting bigger n bigger so fast.
Haha.. masa cepat berlalu kan! So there she is, celebrate her 1st yer befday.
Belated befday  I mean. Thank God I'm happy to have this little chumel.
I guess everyone here oso feel the same as me. There's a couples of pics below.
Low quality of pics coz I'm using hpon. The batteries is out of charge. 
So, cannot use camera. Well, just scroll down please! 

What might she wish if she know how to do it?

No light at the candle?

Shaking hand n sayin', "Thanks aunt for the presents"

She's busy exploring. Korek2!!

Pipi bengkak sangat kan! hahaha....

ermmm.... sedapnyer kek~~~

The happy little princess after the party....
She looks very happy during dat day.

 Yes. Gumbira x terkata dia.. gelak trus satu malam.
the Diva pose??? aiyoo...

"Oh yes, I am beau-tea-fool hookay. Jeles huh??"

and the latest one. hehe...

I feel so thanks to have this little cutie pie.
Some of this heart is for her. 
To see her cry is like to hate myself for losing something.
I'll struggle to make her happy. 
May she grow up well n less crying time.
Be strong chumel coz you are one.

Much Love,
JRP aka. JR