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Monday, September 27, 2010


I dont feel like I'm ok this lately. I need a quality time for myself.
Some peoples dat I knows seem so busy. Of coz they are.
But yeah, I miss em so much. 
But I wont tell them dat coz if they do the same as I do
They'll never forget u. I guess I shud not talk further about this. 
Forget it. Other stories?
Job well done but with a super n a high level of stress-ness around last week coz its Monday ordy now. haha..
Manage to finish em' all AFTER 10pm at night. Damn it.
FCUK i need to find new job.
Going or moving out somewhere else maybe
I guess my time to live alone again shud start before next years.
I'm looking forward to move to KL.
Eventho' parents seem not agree with me..
But if I dont who's gonna do dat? Seriously, I dunno.
I can make a decisions but will I make a right one?
arghhh.. enough with all this thang! 

Saturday midnite. As I lay on the bed, then the You Raised Me Up song is on the air.
Its awful to say that my tears run down my face.
Damn I feel guilty dat time. But after dat I feel so thankful.
Thanks to my mum for raising me up until now.
Without her, I cannot stand this big. Thanks mum.
And this is my 2nd time of being crybaby after Nsi.
And that is after 8 years!! Feel so grateful and thankful.
Coz there's still person around me dat willing to share their love.
Make other happy. Always around n willing to listen to our stories.

Then Sunday is a lazy day. Skipped the prayer. aiyoo.. 
My tutor suddenly called and woke me up for the date. A driving lesson date.
Finish with the driving lesson in a hot day. And directly heading home.
Home. Blackout. Hot day and sweaty.
Damn I slept most of the time and woke up after Joanna Amber is around.
Slapping at my face. Damn. haha...  I knew my sister let Joanna do that.
Go for online until now.
Nah, just surfing for vacancies.
Damn I missed dat steward aka. crew cabin post at MasWings on dat last Saturday.
Damn it. I think the interview will be on 30th September.
How can I miss dat one? FCUK!!

Enough talk. I'm so tired n need to rest coz tough day is around 4 hours ahead starting now.
Good day ahead tho to all.


kekwat-ing? :(

Dyin' Star Gazer,
JRP aka. JR