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Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's feel really good to be back to the track again
After a couple of months I didnt work out
Then now its like.. arghh malasnya!!!
But I made my choice
And I've started for the last 1 weeks
I start to become an athlete again
The competition is just around the corner
A month an a half is not enough for me to training
BUT, I'll always do the best.
Eventho its kinda lazy for me
Yes, very2 da lazy
And still I have to do it
Who dont want a super combo 'winning' in life?
1st, Live the healthy way of life
2nd, you can get a tough yummy body.
3rd, you may win the race
If not, u still not a loser. hahaha...
4th, Less time to be wasting with the video games that makes me skinny.
Yeah, I lose 2kg for the past fasting month. 
And dats is so not ok.

And its about acceptance.
Live the way you want it and be happy for it.
And it all started with a +ve thinking.
So, just go out have fun sometimes.
Todays JRP Quote is : -

"Try to live with life"

Much love,
JRP aka. JR