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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Woke early this(Friday) morning. 5.30am as usual. 
I mean starting on this week. 
Clean myself and prepared to go to work. 
and waitin'............

Now, one thing I hate about go to work using a BUS :
1) They're moving lambat-tahap-siput when you're rushing and need them to go faster.
2) They're moving very fast when you don't even want them to rushing.

That makes me wanna hate them badly.
Suddenly I got a call from the boss.
Searching for me coz someone want to take their stuffs in the shop.
Forgot it last nite and he want it fast.
Sound like urgent. Who care??
And he start to bising2 to me. 
I was very2 pissed off.
Dah lah kena suruh bangun awal.
Dah bangun awal.
Then bas buat hal.
We had a bit arguement.
Me and the boss.
So, i'm pissed off early in the morning.
Why must they ruined my mood that day.
gotta find the moods!!

**hope u guys we're ok.
Get well soon. Find that mood ok. hugs.
especially 197, 667

"alone yet calm"
Salam sayang.
JRP aka. JR