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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here I am once again. Try to live this life...
The way dat I dun think dat if its gonna work or not.. but still I try.
All I see is you.. but I know one thing dat you'll never gonna be mine..
Well.. dats fine. I wont hurt myself for something stupid.
But still..
I wont stop for nothing and keep on remembering the past..
Of coz its gonna hurt me. Its just the same like, "If broken consider sold". 
You shud buy it but you wont get it back the way you see it before.
So, how shud I live this life the same as before when everything was changed?
I mean without you..
But this time I have to accept... 
Accept that there's no more you..
Yes.. no more you.. 
So now, its time to gain all my memories... 
The time before I met you..
Again.. thanks for the love..
I'll never forget u..