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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The last 2 days I was dream about broke my front teeth.
So whats that suppose to mean? Dun care!
Last nite is another story.
Its Tuesday
Arrived home late.
Tired. So damn tired.
I'm feel so empty and I missing peoples.
But I guess that doesnt mind too.
Just wish them happy doing thier best.
I miss NSI too much last nite when I suddenly saw the pics.
Sent a couples of sms. Done.
Tertido mati terus. hahaha..
But dat was last nite.
Today, I woke up early.
Done with the bath.
Its so damn cold but very2 refreshing.
Go online for a couples of minutes.
No one there for me to say Hi.
Sambung tido kejap... Sodap!!
Nothing interesting for this week as its a busy working day.
Its 8.59am ordy so I better get ready for work.
Till then, see ya.

**Missing peoples is one of my priority**

Much love,
JRP aka. JR