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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Life getting happier than before, used to be i mean - well I guess I dont have to feel dat burden anymore. Seriously it tortured when someone is not really into you but still pretending to be like they're.. I dunno if they're really used to but its just me maybe who need more than wat I can get, or wat they can give or else - what else can I say? Lack of understanding between us? Maybe. Excuses. I guess, but dats according to your speeches sound like.. but what said is said… Wats done is done.... and so this tiny man said..

“As we faced this life and move on with our own track..
sometime everybody dont really get wat they want
but accept what u have and be thankful
coz dats life.. we dont just experienced it..
We adapt it..
and make it better and better
it all start with a tiny broken
scars will heal if you have faith in yourself
begone and make changes in ur life
its ok honey..
coz I believe dat happy ending will say hi to you later”

Jerung Rimba Putih