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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I suddenly woke up when someone called me. Adoi... Its was 12.12am. And yeah, I'm faraway lost dat time with Michi beside me. And now its 3.16am ordy. But dats good then, so no more wondering n questioning about this n dat after this. As usual dat its hard for me to go back to my sleep again. Arghh.. haha.... Dats fine. And now I dunno wat to do, but wish I can talk to someone. erm...

'Tell me something I dunno'.

I love this quote. Yeah, It can means anything. To know each other is a best thing I can do. Being happy to know them. Think about them most of the time. U forget about ur tasks just to think about them. Sometimes, I mean. haha.. Asking them how they're doin'. I know its sound crazy. . But its kinda nice for me. And I'm happy for that eventho sometimes I have to feel bad about it. I mean for certain thing. Being lonely for something u dunno about? By the time ure thinking about them, but they seems to get away from u. Yeah, u know wat I mean. Tryin' to ask yourself if ure doin' good right now or not. U act like a tough guy but u end up with a hole in ur heart. I just wish everything gonna be just fine.

I wish they can tell me something dat I dunno. So that I wont ask no more.  All I want is,  let them be their-self. You dont have to be good by saying ure not perfect.  Coz I know dat. Nobody perfect right? Believe me, If I wanna tell everything just to complain about you,  I think I can make a nice storybook with 1790 pages.  How's dat? And I'm not lookin' for your attention. Not an attention seeker. I'm just happy if youre around eventho ure not really 'around'. But still I can feel u.  U know wat i mean... But i guess its ok enuff if youre still remember me. And I'm so happy with dat. Its just sometimes, we have to be fair in life.

Still I have to go for work this morning... arghh.. 

Lost kid,
Jrp aka. JR