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Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear God, 

Thanks dat becoz of you I can smell future before its happen. I can predict tomorrow before it became yesterday. I wish not to make a wish. But still, its just yesterday. Yesterday. It seems not enough for me. I dun want any options. I dun want any excuses. And I dun wan anything from you. I was there and I'm happy. I tried to avoid. But I dun want to put the blame on you. I know youre there for me. Show them what you've got. I wont hate anybody. I wont do such things. But please, give me a chance to find my missing puzzle. Give me strength for tomorrow. Give me strength for today. And please dun ever take my heart out.. coz I'll find the missing puzzle by myself..

And thanks for loving me, promise is just a promise. Well that's what according to them. Thanks for the good day.


JRP aka. JR