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Monday, August 3, 2009

Haitttt everybody, I guess this is my first appearance in effort to helps all the picture-holic that have done much to make their picture looks better especially to all the photographers. Tired of same quality of the pictures you took? Or don’t have much budget for new lenses maybe? Here’s my solution.

With this I’ll show-up how I transformed the marvelous picture to an extraordinary picture. See it to believe it.

For my first sample will be the pictures by some photographer. Wanna give credit to the owner but don’t really remember the owner’s name. Forget about it because I still wanna continue with my sharing.

Transforming Samples.

This is some sample of the pictures that already been transformed. Some said its nice, some said its awesome. And also, some said it marvelous. But, I still love em'. HAR HAR HAR!!!

Till my next post


'Snave Guy Lavoie JR