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Sunday, January 2, 2011


              I tot there was a thunderstorm last nite coz all I can remember is I think I've been struck by a thunder straight to my heart. Cant really move. I dunno wat to do. Then I pm-ing with Ash. Thanks God he was there for me. Then I just lay on my bed. Still FB-ing using my fon. And Ash is like still there and cekak-pingang-ing on me suh tido. hahaha~~ 

               There a lot of things I shud do for this month. Its started with my bigday. Not so big tho. As usual I mean. But then I must plan it all well. I 've been too busy worrying about other for the past few years. I got less quality time for myself. Working out for something dat I want even if I dun really need. Ahhh... lots of pain I tell ya.  Not been appreciated is an OK for me tho. At least I've learn something. Which is no matter how life treat u bad, smile coz you've tried. I found friend. I found enemy. I found mentor. But less time treasuring myself. So for this year I'll come up for another new solution to be the best. Enough bebel. Head still spinin' now. But before that, I'll list down all the January thang dat I shud do.

---> Bigday
---> Go for psychometric test. (05 Jan)
---> Go for Limbang. (date still not confirm)
---> Survey for a new sewing machine for mumy.(weekdays, next week maybe)
---> Paying all the bills. (later this evening)
---> Survey for a new bag. (Definitely a Nike.. hehe..)
---> Will figure out more later.. wanna go for KK.

Happy Befday JR. Smile! Its ur bigday.