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Monday, March 16, 2009

Start a new day but still in a boring world. Just let tomorrow become a mystery.

I guess my time has come to have my own blog (Boring Like Old Guy). Damn! Seriously man, I dont like 'Words'. In short, I hate reading. But not a comic books. Haha...
I guess I have not enough time to do this because I'm not the kind of guy that go online just for a "Virtual Diary" things like this. Guh! But, I have no choice since all my fellows keep asking about my blog. Some said like "When huh you wanna have you own blog, all fellows have ordy woo. Even my 5 years old niece also have one ordy!". Then I was like, "ohh, good."(Who cares actualy?). Because for me blog is just a place for people to share what they have gone through in thier life daily.

A bit flashy huh? Whatever!!!!

Let see what I can smell inside the blogs.

- Some share the frustration of thier life (I used to be one of them before, haha..) I love Bob Marley cause he sing "No Women No Cry"

- Stupid stories that they want to share with other like thier pet gave a birth. (gave a 100 birth at a time should not consider stupid, whatever!)

- Telling some sort of thier "Love" story things ("I love him/her until I cannot sleep, bath or sleep", Eww..! Why should you tell people that?) (-_-)"

- What I hate the most, the politician speeches, agenda and promises. They are like dogs fighting for a bone. What is the means of democracy? Even the dewan senat also like pasar ikan. Seriously, I'm not into stupid politic things. I'm anti-politic. (who asked? Shut up, it's my blog!) Haha...!- Shows hatred. Prove? above sentence. Haha...

- Share informations with other. Nice! They share when the pirated movies came out so that they can download it FOC. Nice right? Dont worry cause I'm the one of them. (>_<)

- Talking bad about other. That is the politicians things. No comment because seriously I'm ANTI-POLITIC. I dont give a damn about what shit they're talking about. Hate me for that? F++k, I dont care!

- F++k, it's damn boring to smelling here.

Whatever it is, life is short and have a great time with it while you can. Because some peoples talks much like the 'Murai' at blog but like cockroach when go outside. Lembik!!!!! I know some granny who do that. Mind speak and your fingers that do the bad typing things. It's a mind games and I dont give a damn about it. When I hate people, please pray I will not put a fist on you. Try me! I hate people with a reasons. Lots of back-stabber that wear an angel's wing nowadays. Not all uglies is a bad person. Some people with a nice smile contains evil . Lying will always works right? Suck on that!

My blog will be English and Malay and some Bahasa Indonesia. Don't tell me why because I will tell you. Hahaha...! That is because I got a lots of Indonesian buddies that don't really know how to read and write in English. (Don't know English language I mean). Most importantly, I got my step brother at Jakarta now.

My English are bad! Who care? As long as people understand! In fact, I'm not a Western and I'm proud to be Malaysian. (Half pinoy I'm means, haha....!) Some of my stupid site that I made a few month and years ago.

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