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Thursday, January 6, 2011


 Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19
         'Change' is your middle name at this point, Capricorn. You've been through more personal transformation in the past two years than perhaps in your entire life. The upside is that you're getting used to the intensity of it all. It helps that you're realizing the futility in holding on to people and possessions that only stunt your growth. So many layers continue to be shed on a daily basis but this also gives way to unquestionable personal power. Pluto in Capricorn will carry on for another 14 years; so if this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine who you will be on the other side of your metamorphosis.

          This year the focus shifts from a lifestyle focused on gadgets, information and social networking to introspection, home and family. You are about to encounter your most uncensored raw self on levels as of yet unprecedented. Ready yourself, Goat, because this spring an explosion of fiery planets in Aries sweeps the very base of your horoscope getting you back in touch with some of your most primal instincts. Competition, aggression and the need for plenty of physical outlets ensue.

          Some long-standing money issues are finally coming to a finish as the planet of illusion and delusion gets ready to move on to your communication sector. You've learned to use your discrimination in choosing where to invest and where to spend. For the next 14 years, instead of worrying about money leakages you'll be working on mindfulness to avoid spacing out. In any case, your way with words is apt to become poetic and inspired, which can only make the world appear infinitely more beautiful.

Source :  2011 Horoscope

Check out these lines.

"you're realizing the futility in holding on to people and possessions that only stunt your growth"

Wow. Sbab sya ni manja kot? Skit2 mengadu.. pastu emo2... bleh? Ash? any comments? HAHAHA... But I guess its true.. until now I'm still waiting for something dat aku sendiri pun xtau yer ke tak?... masih ke tak? It's sad. I know its sound bad but still I have to move on my life... I wont go but still I'm not gonna stay like this - No.

"focus shifts from a lifestyle focused on gadgets, information and social networking to introspection, home and family"

Yeah.. I guess I shud spent more quality time for myself and family. I dunno pun dat its been quite 3  months I didnt do any exercise. Less sleep until I have to curik2 tido kat dalam bas, dalam opis kat kedai tu and sometimes tido depan customer. Wow. Employee of the year ke camni? 

And early this January, daddy received a call from kampung telling dat my uncle died early  dat morning. Its January 3rd. Its my bigday. Then my joy to tellin' the whole family about my befday was canceled.

"your way with words is apt to become poetic and inspired, which can only make the world appear infinitely more beautiful"

Somehow, I dun really believe pun with all these prediction but then when it become true one day, Wow! I am so flat seflat flatnya 2 hear everyone give an applause for my bebelan.

I wonder how it feels like.
JRP aka. JR


JAN 3RD, 2011 is my Bigday. 
With that I just wanna say millions thank to those that wish me a
Happy Born Day. 

001.  Azizi Bin Samsudin
002.  Aereel Abd Azis
003.  Adeng Amdan
004.  Amaelina Bte Abdul Rauf
005.  Azyan Shazwani Aznan
006.   Azman Musa
007.  Azran Adam
008.   Achmieyz Achimet JEmi Acimi
009.   Alexander Louis
010.  Adam Ham
011.  Araijah Pidah
012.  Angela K. Vincent
013.  Azie Hariza
014.  Alunzai Thien
015.  Adzuan Ariffin
016.  Ajaq Ramly
017.  Abdullahalim Amirul Afzal
018.  Alex Lex's
019.  Aye Axe
020.  Ahmad Fahmi Sabri
021.  Al Yang
022.  Abang Kenyang
023.  Aleya I'syah
024.  Ammi Bear
025.  Amirul Shafry
026.  Arthur Molie
027.  Arel Mohd
028.  Ahmad Zaidi Ariffin
029.  Bobo Fahad
030. Beruang Madu
031.  Budak Kampung Kunak
032.  Badrul Hashim
033.  BoNjur XXray
034.  Boboy Mohd
035.  Bobby Idzhar
036.  Boy Ale Ale
037.  Boboy Guy
038.  Chapit Zulkefli
039.  Chris Ling
040.  Cienta Akaishadhereianna
041.  Crystal Royce Pjal
042.  Charmingcub Syam
043.  CaPu CHaichue
044.  Chen Tai Ho
045.  Charlene Carfester
046.  Dylan Wahyudin
047.  Daniel Haril
048.  Dinda Nanaq
049.  Danial Ma
050.  Deeny Yahya
051.  Elizebeth Beth
052.  Eyra Hazirah
053.  Eirah Adyra
054.  Ed Benidect
055.  Fazley Budak Kechik
056.  Faaerisya Faaelicity
057.  Fendi Hiroshi Yazid
058.  Fadzli Ali
059.  Fairus Khafiz
060.  Fardan Zarith Asyraffi
061.  Gun's Momoy
062.  Ghaz Sanusi (FB Chat /Sms)
063.  Ghaz Ghazali
064.  Guava Lee (FB Chat)
065.  Harith'z Iez Qandar
066.  Hairie Otai
067.  Hisham Yahaya
068.  Hy Yusf
069.  Ifin Idish
070.  Indy Shah
071.  Idson Perez
072.  Ikha SiicewedudulLsz
073.  Joe エル・ローライト
074.  Jovie Vie
075.  Jefri Ashari
076.  Johar Bobby Johari
077.  Jessabell Soo Yong Fang
078.  Jijah Toms
079.  Joseph Henry Nuga
080.  Jone Junaizi
081.  Kapten Faqrul
082.  Kydir Ahmad
083.  Kefliz Zakaria
084.  Lor-n L. Tokuyuk
085.  Lim Young Lan RodzLanz
086.  Mat Steady
087.  Multimedia University
088.  Mohd Alfizan Ajan
089.  Morgan Augustine Dom
090.  Miqael Ridzuan Iskandar
091.  Mohd Hafiz Musah
092.  Muhammad Hafizuddin Mohd Amin
093.  Mizy Kiesselbach's Plexus
094.  Meor Zaidee
095.  Maruan Wan
096.  Mohd Khairul Kamarudin
097.  Mohd Dahalan
098.  Marie Timothy
099.  Newrule Daut
100.  Nuriez Haryadi
101.  Nelly Ness
102.  Neo R. Sudi
103.  Nazrul Azat (Sms)
104.  Nasir Ismail
105.  Naoto Shirogane
106.  Nanaq Aveiro
107.  Nsi Miakkl
108.  Natasha Binti Abd Latip
109.  Nabila Fatima
110.  Owin Wingkut
111.  Ona Chan
112.  Princess LaLa
113.  Pidos Hj Mohamed Amin
114.  Paya Terubong
115.  Paul Azlan
116.  Parwin Bibie
117.  Pinky Eyonne
118.  Qhristine Syl
119.  Robert Rubert Rob
120.  Ridzuan Azimi
121.  Reez Ryzal
122.  Rut Aboutrut
123.  Rabbiatul Adawiyah AmilBangsa
124.  Shahe Suwardi Shinoda
125.  Steve Soon
126.  Suji Scorpgurlz
127.  Si Aloy
128.  Song Boon Chong
129.  Shizu Hanis
130.  Sha Ramelee
131.  Sungai Made
132.  ShazReen Cullen
133.  Sagi Bear
134.  Saharil Hasrin Sanin
135.  Shamsul Adzrin
136.  Shah Rezal (Sms)
137.  Squid BOb
138.  Shah Shahe (Call in)
139.  Sita Desita Zamroni
140.  Sebastian Wy's
141.  SweetPumpkin Love
142.  Tengku Idzyan (Sms)
143.  Tok Bunkfez Mohamed Mahad
144.  Terror Risk
145.  Ulam Berduri
146.  Vachel Voon
147.  V'yar Lhupz Ndan
148.  Viviana Alsin
149.  Wan Shairil Azmir
150.  Wan Edi Sophean
151.  Willz Willy
152.  Yanu Astuti
153.  Yeuz Fairruzz
154.  YuzLine Lyne
155.  Yvonne Robert
156.  Yazri Izwan
157.  Zaid Zafri Zain (Sms)
158.  Zamri Rambli (Sms/call in)
159.  Zairul Hadi Hashim
160.  Zul Haniff Rusli
161.  Zizan Sipin
162.  Zabrif Ismail 
163.  z'Lyne JuzunMe

JRP aka. JR