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Monday, March 1, 2010



                Woke up early today. Its like 4am to 4.30am. And its still dawn for sure! Numb and empty. I cant think of anything. Try to jump again for the bed but it didn't work as I planned. The eyes don't wanna  shut! Then I just sit and leaning at the corner of my bed. Stay for a while and staring at the fan on the ceiling. Stupid! Yes, I feel very stupid! Then I end this numb-kinda feeling to feed my stomach as its already muttering. And I'm off to the kitchen. Open the fridge and take all the things that I want. Things happened! And I'm done negotiating. 2 plates is enough already.

               I go for a bath. Things done! And go up for online. Yes, the line is very damn faster. Done with couple of things. And jump back again for bed and this time the eyes finally shut! I woke up late for a 5.5km jog as I do daily. Damn it! Thanks God, MrShinyHead called for me that time. Big smile for me coz he did save me today! Haha...

                So, I pack-up all the stuffs and get ready for work. I ended up things with staring out of the bus numbly! Dunno why. Think wanna make a call to MrShinyHead and Mr3Z but shit happened! Both of the fons is still laying on the bed. Great! Just great! So I do things as always, feel bored as always. Go for online a bit as my work are lots to be done! Damn! I wish I can just stay at home without working! Or stay at our house at the kampung. Its been so many years already I don't go to see that house. 6 years I guess. Aiyoo....

               So, here I'm now. Arrived home with a heavy-shoulder. Walking like a grandpa. Exhausted. And yeah, I didn't even manage to get my breakfast and lunch just now. And even my tea break. I walk home with an empty stomach. 

               Dunno what happened but the fons are full with missed call and messages. MrShinyHead with that cute-sad kinda smiley?? Heh! Whats that all about? No one pickup the fon eh?? Sorry tho...

               Think I should take a bath and get ready for my cook-marathon. Haha... 
Off for bath now and hope things are all fine there. okai...


Much Love,
Jerung Rimba Putih



               A big sorry for those who I've done badly this lately. Sometimes I think that I just wanna make u guys feel better but I dont really know what on your mind.. So, how can I predict? Shud I keep on tracking like a stalker? I just wanna know! But when you guys keep quiet and dont even say nothing or anything it makes me think that you're not that "OK"!! As I really like and happy to know you guys. 

                Plus, you come up with a new FB post shows ur sadness?? Shud I keep my mouth shut while I think dat I can make you feels happy? But at least I still try. So, I just give my best to make you feel happy.

               I'm sincere on doin' this man but when dat make you feel bad, hurt or uncomfortable then I'm sorry about that. And I promise you guys that there'll be no more disturbances that you will get from me later... That's my promise!
There's no meaning to get your attentions or else.
Think I better stay with my business, things and craps.
Think I quit with getting into peoples’ life.
Think I shud take care about my life.
Thanks tho for the good time...
And again, sorry for all the bad.

Millions sorry,
Jerung Rimba Putih