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Monday, March 1, 2010


               A big sorry for those who I've done badly this lately. Sometimes I think that I just wanna make u guys feel better but I dont really know what on your mind.. So, how can I predict? Shud I keep on tracking like a stalker? I just wanna know! But when you guys keep quiet and dont even say nothing or anything it makes me think that you're not that "OK"!! As I really like and happy to know you guys. 

                Plus, you come up with a new FB post shows ur sadness?? Shud I keep my mouth shut while I think dat I can make you feels happy? But at least I still try. So, I just give my best to make you feel happy.

               I'm sincere on doin' this man but when dat make you feel bad, hurt or uncomfortable then I'm sorry about that. And I promise you guys that there'll be no more disturbances that you will get from me later... That's my promise!
There's no meaning to get your attentions or else.
Think I better stay with my business, things and craps.
Think I quit with getting into peoples’ life.
Think I shud take care about my life.
Thanks tho for the good time...
And again, sorry for all the bad.

Millions sorry,
Jerung Rimba Putih


  1. kenapa sedih sedih ni ...tak seronok la ..i need jr yg suka mengusik suka bercakap2 pnjang lebar ..ish ish ..jgn la mcm ni tak best ler!!

  2. ASH : Its about that uncle lah... nak dia happy tapi salah alamat plak.. Wrong timing... aiyooo...

    Shah : Its a life. We shud say sorry if we've done wrong! its a must and sure you will learn something

  3. ye la ye la ..bagus la mcm tu ..tapi tak best mcm jerung dah hilang taring ..hikhik

  4. Shah : Hilang taring still ada gigi kan??? buekk!!!

  5. JR tak pakai gigi palsu mcm yg shah pakai tu... ops..

  6. kat sini pon masih nak noty!