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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Seems like this week is a heartbreak-ing time .
This is some of the reason how...

I wish I dont have heart so f**king much!
So, I wont know what pain is.
But now I prefer to keep this heart stay.
There's a LOVE in there!

Its really hard for me to get a holiday during weekdays.
I've been so fxxking busy with the job.
Came home late every day.
Kadang tak makan n mandi trus tido.
Subuh baru bangun mandi dan klang klung klang klung (cooking).
And my driving tutor keep asking me about this gambar saiz lesen.
Again again n again.
And I was like aiyooo....
Bila masa aku ada masa nak pergi bergambar???
Then aku nekad. Selongkar tripod kat bawah katil.
Sediakan camera tu.
After dat starting with the gedik2 scene infront the lense..
Snap! Snap! Snap! And Snap again! And again!
So, this is the result.

I got a couple of gedik2 pose dat time.
And I decided to pick this one.
Green background which mean I have to workin' on it again.
Have to change it to blue-ish one!

Ordy changed the background color.
But the hair still in kehijau2an lookin.

So this is the final pic.
Sent it to photo-shop on Friday morning.
And I just asked for my lil' bro help to take the photo.

These are the pics..
They're just small.. n cute...
(the size of the pics not the tuan-tanah)

Comparison between the pic and the keyboard.
Small n cute isnt it?

And today, Saturday morning - 8am sharp.
My tutor fetch me n we've finished our 3rd last of driving sessions.
Best plak blajar mandu2 nie...
Tak perasan mandu2, tup.. tup... dah sampai 2 jam blajar...

On the way home, I  bought this buah-rantai.

And thats all for this week.
Theres been a lots of bad things happened.
But its ok to keep it secret.
Baik takyah cite.
And for those yg disayangi, 667, Ash, G,
and the rest yg tau JR syg korang,
Harap2 bahagia n sehat selalu.
Miss u all but I wont tell.
It's buang-tebiat kata org.

Ok. Thats all 4 this weeks.
Hugs for all. Have a nice weekends!

Many hugs,
JRP aka. JR