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Monday, September 13, 2010


There's a time in our life where we need nobody and just wanna be alone.
I admit that. It always happens to me. haha...
That's the time where you might ask yourself something like..

"Why am I like this?"
"Why does it happens to me?"
"Why am I born to this world and feel this pain?"
"Why they dont like me?"

And etc etc...
I used to think like that before and I didnt realise that I always have a great life.
Every single minutes in my life is very precious.
I have peoples I love around me.
By the time I feel sad, they'll be always there for me.
When I smiled, they will smile with me.
When I'm down, they will try thier best to lift me up and back to normal again.
They always cheer me up.
And they never fail me.

If you think dat you need time to be alone.
Think again, what might they think if you're sad,
 but they cant do anything to calm you down?
Will you drag them into your endless sorrow kind of thinking?
Every peoples have thier own ego. I can guaranteed dat.
But never ever let it blind your heart.
You got lots of heart around waiting for your smile.
Your smile could make them happy.

For whatever life bring you with every kind of obstacles.
Take it and face it with your smiling heart.
You'll never be there alone.
Share it and if they cannot help, they still reducing you pain.
Coz, they can cheer you up. Keep you away from sadness.
Try to take a risk sometimes. Its better then you do nothing.

~~~  JRP Quotes  ~~~


Make your move now.

Much love,
Jrp aka. JR

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