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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This morning I was like stupid to stay awake until 3am. Its not like I dun wanna sleep but this eyes dont want me to. Masih segar bugar lagik masa tu. But still paksa juga nak tido, coz its a must. I mean a couples of hour is better then nothing. Yelah, kalo tak tido kang ada yang cekak pingang tunjuk bulu ketiak.. MUAHAHAHAHA~~~~ And as usual, I got another 1 hour to sleep in the bus. Sampai around couples minutes before 10am camtu. Yelah, JR kan 2nd big boss. hehe~~~ Dont really do much except the daily task. I mean the boring one. Then 4.30pm sharp and I'm leaving the building. Home n go for bola sepak. After dat go for jog. Damn I need more stimana.. makin semput!!! ! *&@x*#!@#* sangat2!! Enuf talk! Serious mode please!

And this thing that keep bothering me. I mean it connect so much with my life. My future. And I made my decision. I choose not to choose. I dont need options coz it make my life miserable. Its not like I dun want pun but then I can make my life better by doing so. I made my step. Another step forward. And I hope that I wont be regret for what I've planned for my life.

"When in doubt, take another step."

I still remember those words. And I think dat this is the best sentences to describe with what am I really facing right now. I know dat it will hurt me a bit. But if it can make me happy then I wont stop trying. Never will I. As long as I'm happy, then it would be fine. And now, I've planned ordy and I just have to wait for the right time to start. Just as I planned. Eventho the boss said to me this morning about another big project. It makes me in doubt. Hesitate with my plan. Yeah! Its surely can disturb my plan. But still the offer is better than nothing. 
3 days to decide. As the boss mentioned. 

Jrp aka. JR

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