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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I wish i can start all my day with a big happy smile.
This morning i woke up a bit late. Headache! 
But still I have 2 go 2 work. 
Lewat sampai kedai. Tertido dalam bas bagai..
Yes, I'm sleepy with my head waiting its time to erupt.
Damn I need much time for sleep.

I started things with an arms wide open. 
I welcome every friends, every enemies and every person who have big heart for peace.
I dun really care who they're n what they've gone thru before...
As for me, the past is past and today's gonna be a great to start.
Everyday is a great day for everyone.
So stop spoil ur day for such a simple n stupid thang.
Just be thankful coz you've tested by Him.

And things I struggle so much seem not going to be happen.
Yeah, I struggle a lot in life but this one is still-under-progress lagi kot..
I dunno, if it good for me to not-to,
then I wont take any move for that..
I dun expect for it to be perfect. I just want it to end in a good way.
Where I can see my face smiling widely around. 
and my happy heart blooming in love n spread the happiness inside.
If I'm happy n I wish everyone will do the same.
Good luck for the audi!
Good luck for every single things u do.
Good luck
Good luck
And Good luck!!


I'll never say goodbye coz I got you all.
Thanks for the bonds.

Missing people around,
JRP aka. JR

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