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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 1230am. So its Tuesday now.
Monday is always be a boring day to start with.
Read some blog and I found this. 
A simple guides to choose whether u wanna be a perfect or a loser kind of person.
Thanks Ash for the guides!
I read often and think a lot. I like the way I'm living right now.
I dun really need something dat can make me satisfied. 
But I just want to be happy the way it suppose to be.
Yes, I can be ego sometimes. Most of the time I guess.
I'll said i'm happy eventho I'm not. 
But if that makes other person happy so let it be that way.
I've made my decision. But now its a bit berbelah hati
I dunno if I shud proceed with it but yeah.. if I dun .. when??

I heard stories. And it broke my heart into pieces.
I wish to smash things around me. I have my punching bag.
But its late nite ordy. So, let the anger stay inside.
But that doesnt stop me. I'll find every single pieces dat missing. 
And get my heart back! Let the sad story become memories.
The color that shines my life now n forever.

January is almost around and I guess its a time for a changes!


"Banyakkan mendengar, kurangkan menjawab"

Much Love,
JRP aka. JR

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