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Thursday, June 3, 2010


          As we all already know that on the last 30th-31st of May is a holiday for Kaamatan. Its on Monday!!! Happy Kaamatan for those who celebrate it and also to all Malaysian since we're all One Malaysian kan!!!.. hahaha... So, we've organized some small reunion, so-call, by going out to together to Centre Point, KK.

          According to what we've planned, the first event is to ambush the cinema to watch for a movie. So, we're enjoy watching for The Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time . The movie is superb. Full with action. And my favourite, the special effects. Really worth-it to spent your money for it. Berbaloi-baloi!!

Rafie , Dady , Olivia , Rohana , Shazrie and Hafie.

Rafie singing his Rossa song. Rossa??? hahaha...

I've been cheated!!!! 
They said we're all must wear a short pants. 
But they're not. 
My bulu kaki is freezing already by that time.
Nanak got the mantap voice!!!

The 6 of ex-5 Cemerlang students. 
Really miss that student life.

          Mesmerized with the movie and we're heading for our late lunch. Had some chat during the lunch... its tea time ordy. I guess.  Done with eat thang' and we're continue with our karaoke sessions. This is one of my all-time favorite session. Sung couple of songs which is good to singing together eventho' some of the members are little bit shy2... 
Aiyooo... bukan tak kenal smua pun... Smua kawan jugak.... **Dush Dush..

          So, the day ended. 
Really having fun to be together again.
Since some of us didn't meet for almost 6 years. 6 years?? heh! 
Where all the years gone? haha...
Thanks for the quality time.
I will remember all the jokes.
The smiles.
The laughter.
And the fun time together.
Sure, we'll meet again some-more time.

Much love from,
JRP aka. JR

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