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Saturday, May 22, 2010


15 - 16 May 2010
~ Its weekend and this is the time that I think I shud be happy. Yes. But not today. The rain really wont stop for 2 days. Saturday n Sunday. I dont  go out of the house since the weather dont want me to. So, I just stayed inside the house for 2 days. 
Miss everyone.
Miss my bro. 
Didnt they feel the same?
Nah, forget it.

As I stared outside the window, I saw kids are playing football at the middle of the heavy rain. I really want to join them. But, I prefer just to watch them playing.
The Fun. 
No worries.
The Laugh. 
They're very happy.
Yes, they really do.

And I wish to be one like them. So, the days went by just like that. 

17-18 May 2010
~ Fever. I don't know how its happened. I didn't go out of the house for 2 straight days. And suddenly I got this fever.
Lazy to wake up and move.
Feels like wanna puke.
Cool in the morning.
And the heat and dizziness came back again after night falls.

And I asked my boss for
2 days MC. Approved. Monday and Tuesday. I took my medicine. I heard lesson from friends, brothers and parent. Thanks for everything guys. Most of the time, my PC is turn on but I was not there. Nobody care actually.

I just missing them. 
Just that.
I don't really know if they recognise me anymore. 
Its ok. 
That's what life really is.

Much love, 
Jerung Rimba Putih

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