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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Every time we talk about married, it'll always sound very nice. 
The wedding gown! 
The tuxedo!
The rings!
The kisses!
The roses! 
Smiling faces!
Can't really stop thinkin' bout the day.

I guess that getting marry is the most unforgettable, happiest and precious moments of every couple's life. 
So, its mean that they will be happy together no matter what.. 
That is a happy ending.

But getting marry is not always sounds good,
It's a disaster sometimes,
It all happened with a single buzz at YM,
A chat with my close bro,
3am in the morning,
Dawn in the morning!
(All these expressions is what according to them)

He is really3 in love with his couple.
All these days before goin' just well.
Full with happiness,
The laughter,
The smile of the loved one,
They shared all the feelings,
And all is perfect to them,
Until one day..

His couple suddenly being marry-off to another person,
Family choice,
Its like a thunder to them,
Speechless and hopeless,
Sad and sorrow,
They never thought that this will happened,
So, this weekend is their last day,
The last for all the feeling,
The last day for what they've started,
The last day for the warm hugs,
And sure the last goodbye.

They've do whatever the can,
But they just don't want to make it worst,
They really love each other,
And know what best for them.

With that, they bought a twin couples ring,
A Sapphire,
With a hope that they will always remember each other,
And always love each other,
No matter what!

And he ended the conversation for a sleep.
Even I can feel the pain,
So, what's a PAIN to them???
And I'm left speechless!
Is that what love is???
We learned something new everyday,
And we'll keep getting better,
Memories remain in their heart!
So be happy for all the memories!

Just sharing the toughest days of my bro. Be strong!

Much love,
Jerung Rimba Putih.


  1. uhuk uhuk ...the true life must go on ..

  2. Yeah... maintain kehenseman yg penting... cian jugak ah kat bro tu... :(

  3. i know who is he ...hik hik hik

  4. Kalau abg bear... sudah pasti ku bantah... dan ku gagalkan perkahwinan ini... this is my life...

  5. Shah : Cuba bagitau.. kalo betul Shah memang terer..

    AB : Kalo JR pun memang akan buat mcm tu, tapi percayalah susah lah sbab I think AB tau kenapa...

  6. mana bole tulis kat sini name dia this is all about..cinta yg amat mendalam ..bila diputuskan keluarga buat pilihan untuk pasangan dia tu punya pasangan hidup. si A jadi tak menentu dgn kehidupan nya yg seterusnya bersama si B ( si B ni adelah kawan2 kita tu la ) ermm sian jugak kan ..ermm tapi ape apepon mereka sudah punya jalan untuk kembali baik walau pon sukar unutk di tempuh kalau shah kena mcm ni mmg boleh feel down juga ..argh..ermm

  7. Shah : Sapa lah tak down sedown downnya kalo kena mcm nie? aiyooo