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Monday, May 23, 2011


kadang2 aku heran.. knapa setiap benda yg aku struggle xpenah nampak baik dimata org..
its like it all' end up with a big sigh at their face
and dat leave me with a broken heart here..
i dunno.. but nape ah? 
seriously aku nak tau nape???
but one thing for sure....
mesti lah sbab its not worth to give much attention for what im gonna say kan.. 
sometimes.. maybe..
coz it dun really chance anything pun..

things happened just now. 
i feel bad when they've misunderstood with wat i've said
and i really feel bad for that... 
the way they leave me just like dat before i can make any explanations..
and i feel damn bad about it. 
thing goes like this...
my flight will be 26/05 and according to the plan I'm gonna be there for a week.
a week!!
but i did mention dat i wont stay long there.. kan?
then I did asked, who's gonna pick u up at 28/05??
did i? kan? then u mention this dot3 name..
so i understand lah dat ure not alone there.. 
but what i wanna said according to my plan is..
i'll (maybe) go on 26 and return at 27/28 morning.
so i'll be here at 28.
BUT since u said u'll be with somebody else so i think its not good for me to kacau daun..
since its not like u all slalu gather mcm tu kan..
AND u didn't mention yg u gonna be here alone pun..
last2 baru u ckap.. then trus blah..
padahal sya sanggup lepaskan cuti panjang sbab kejar peluang 2 c u..
ntah lah...

u never know how i feel bad about this.
its just like the same feeling u gave me before.
when u said u gonna be around..
u give me hope dat bring me to joy and happiness.
counting day by day..
but then u said u cannot make it coz of some matters..
i understand.. with a broken heart of coz..
then now u did it again after you give me this good story about u
about u gonna be around.

one things i wanna know..
napa hal yg xbaik slalu aje cepat terlihat pada diri sya?
even sya dah usaha lebih..
just 2 c u guys happy..


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