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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ntah lah kebelakangan ni JR rasa senyap je. I mean its better for me to do dat rather than rasa mcm diri ni menyebok saja. Yolah.. yg dicari pun senyap. Berpulun sms tak berbalas. Asal hantar je mesti rasa mcm salah sent... sbab tak berbalas. Ntah lah. Everyone got their privasy kan. Kang kata bukan2, post bukan2 kat FB and kat blog nie sure kata ngungkit lah.. sengaja menyindirlah.. so diam jelah. But still for those yg still reti nak bagi reply tu JR nak ucap thanks sangat2, appreciate sangat2 atas usaha2 korang tuk menceriakan JR. Yolah, JR ni bukan budak2 lagi kan yg taktau nak berdikari ke apa tapi still theres a time when we need somebody to talk with.. express wat we've been feelin' this lately. Fuck dat feeling. I mean my feelin' lol. Still thanks for those who there for me. Especially to Ash. Cepat je dia call bila JR pose jiwang2 kat FB tu.. haha.. Thanks.

Whats new about me? Nothing special. Been quiet this lately since they dont really want to talk.. Workin' hard with my job. As usual. Kerja org tak berkerjaya kan? Kenalah struggle sampai malam supaya gaji tinggi. Go for work, reached home late at almost 11pm something. As always started from this month. And I'll be busy doing my thang for this coming January. Banyak sangat event nak kena pegi.. takda lah event sangat pun... saja lah nak hilangkan stress keje.. nak gi jalan2 and of coz goin cuti2... its like "bawa diri" so call lah since dia tau apa yg dia pikir skrg... I wish youre happy with your career. Guess this is the best summary for what I'm gonna do for this coming New Year.

1. RESUME, TM INTAKE - Now I'm struggling to finish up my resume. Yes, TM is now calling again for new intake. This time I'll go. Thanks to my mum to encouraged me to go for this times. And of coz to Arman. :) Still upset from the first time I go for this interview. It is so2 berat sebelah. The resume shud be finish on 20th Dec 2010 which is on Monday before 3pm. And I still dun finish it yet. I'll finish it tonite.

2. PASSPORT - I dunno which one I shud do first. Sent my resume or goin get my passport.  Yeah, I'm goin for Limbang. And this time I'm serious. I'm going there alone. I wish I'm happy there.

3. CHRISTMAS - It's not like I'm really happy pun for Xmas eventho everyone shud.. Frankly, its just like any other festive.  I'm not really dat happy pun. I'll be just staying alone in my room. Yeah, being around with your family is the best thing on earth ever happend. But theres still a missing pieces... Its ok.. I hope time'll movin' fast. And I'll forget dat one eventho I know its not dat damn easy..

to be continued..

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