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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


1.16am - 24 March Thursday.

            Last nite, off for bed when I got a good news brought by the rain... Yes, you read it right, The RAIN. The tears of the heaven-so-call finally poured down to earth. Of course I'm happy with it. Coz its been like 2 month the world've become like Hell here in Sabah. Its so damn hot before. As hot as me, I guess. haha... Nah!!! I manage to get home early today as we got "green light" earlier today. Of corz I'm happy. So, I arrived home with a happy smiley face. As I can finish all my daily chorus and go for online. You know what is it mean. Yes!! I can go for chat for a long period today. Of course I'm happy. I go for online and yes, we've chat. But bad things suddenly appeared. Damn!!! Suddenly its black-out. Its 7.xxpm. So, I was like *&^%$#@ that time. So, I'm laying on my bed and go for some sms to my love one. Tried to make a joke. Yeah, its cute to see when your love one sulking isn't it? hehe... I was just joking around until I fell asleep... Put the blame to the rain. hahaha.... Suddenly I woke up at 11.1xpm. Gave a call to say sorry... Yes, I mean it.
           After the phone hang-off itself as the credit gone almost finished. This got nothing to do with the break-up stuffs okai...  Dunno but yes I've just finished read all the posts from the blog... . Uh hu! From my love one's blog and I read everything. And after read all that stories, I start to wonder.... "Is there really chances for me to feel the love?" I guess I should just try my best for this love. Of corz I dunno how far it will go but for sure I wont quit. I'm just trying my luck n best. Seriously I've found the love.  And I wont stop for it. YES, I WONT!

            But I just want to make this thing clear. I just want you to know that.. Your journey of your life stories are just an another great experience for you. Yes, for you to know what LOVE is untill you know you'll LOST it. Being good doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. Its about how we UNDERSTADING each other and the feelings. Feel the heart. Taste the sweet n sour of this precious life. Being hurt before doesn't mean you have to make other persons feel the same as you do before. YES, I LOVE YOU. I typed it thru my sms, I said it the the fon. And I mean it. Yeah, its sure hurt sometimes when people say things you didnt do. But, for me I will take that as a challenge. As I've said before, I'M NOT PERFECT. And I'm really3 sorry for that. 

             There just so much things to say. But, I think this is enough for now. Whatever happens onward, I just hope that we can go through and solve all the problems. And for you to know, I never stop thinking about loving you and never start thinking about hurting you. My love is there no matter  how hard you've tried me with all your speeches. Just please stop judging me. Just please. YES, 143!

Jerung Rimba Putih
3.09am, 24 March 2010

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