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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


        There's so many thing that I wish I can share with you guys here. I really3 hope that I can list em' down here but there's just too many i guess. With that I will share with you all about one of the greatest story about humans' birth and how beautiful God's creation is.. It's all start with a cutie pie named Joanna Amber John. Yes, my gggrrrreeeeeaaaaattt wifie!!! haha..

        Right! She's no more a minimonster but she's already a CutiePieMonster right now. I cannot recall when her befday was. And all I can think about her is happy and of course makes me smile big most of the time. She is getting cute and so do I. **commercial break 

         And this is some of the memories that I wish to share with you guys. My third time photography by using a nice gun than what I have owned before...

This is when she was around 1 to 2 month old.

2 to 3 month above.

Above : Both cute huh! haha... guess so.. (**Choking.. haha..)
Bottom : This is her 3 month old pics.

 Nothing much to comment because sometime the potraits said em' all.

I just love this picture when the cutie pie, Joanna stare straight to the lense. The expression she gave is so heart-cooling. haha...

Had to remove her hand because she always like to put the fingers into her mouth.
Notty yer!!! haha.. Geget kang!

The two Grand-so-call generations.
The Grandmother and Grandaugther.

While she was distract by the cat.
Kid's natural expression. 
I just love it.

The one that can makes me smiling big.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all for today.
Hope you guys enjoy scrolling the album.
Have a good time.

Much love,
Jerung Rimba Putih,
Snave Guy Lavoie JR


  1. Yer!! Sya memang sweet! ops... haha..

  2. She really cute.......she have a big eyeball.....

  3. Nonie : See the uncle lah.. kan cute jugak!!! har har har...

  4. joana tu yg sweet la uncle dia plak perasan lelebey!!!

  5. Eleh... uncle dia cute pun org tu nak jeles2 plak.... hahaha.....